Viral Marketing Campaign 101

A viral marketing campaign is a marketing strategy that makes use of existing social networks so that the brand name or a product is promoted. Also called as ‘self-generating marketing’, ‘explosive text marketing’, ‘pass it on marketing’, ‘self replicating advertising’ and ‘word-of-mouth marketing’, this technique utilizes social connections and also the internet to make a campaign popular. A viral marketing campaign can use music, images, ebooks, advertisements, Flash games, promotional videos, and other forms of media.

The concept of viral marketing campaign takes on the idea of a campaign that acts like a self-replicating virus. The campaign medium acts like a virus and the aim is to “infect” as much people as possible. If the campaign effectively persuades a targeted person, that individual will then eventually share the idea to one more person, which results into “infection” of more people. Because of this, the popularity of the campaign increases exponentially. While the campaign is only initially exposed to some people, it nonetheless becomes popular to an even larger audience, making it very effective because of the user-to-user sharing.

Today, the internet plays a huge part in majority of viral marketing campaign. This is because many people utilize it and you can present the campaign there as it is compatible with the current forms of media. In addition, people utilize the internet for communication hence it is a very potent channel for sharing an idea with other people.

A specific facet of the internet that is important in a viral marketing campaign are social networking sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. If you want your campaign to spread like a wildfire, then you should focus on lighting up the fire, so to speak, these social networks. This is due to the fact that people spend most of their time online browsing these sites. People also use these websites to share online content to their contacts, making it the best medium for a viral marketing campaign.

To conclude, a viral marketing campaign is one of the most cost-effective method of promoting a product or brand. It utilizes social connections that are complemented by the internet technology.