Tried and Tested Viral Marketing Ideas

Viral marketing ideas are a major requirement when you wish to start a viral marketing campaign. Viral marketing ideas are probably the most essential component in any viral marketing campaign since its mass appeal will determine its success. Hence you need plan your strategy carefully because by the time you have already executed the campaign, the whole matter is already in the hands of the viewers. Here are a few tried and tested viral marketing ideas that you can try out.

An important thing that you have to remember when thinking about viral marketing ideas is that you always need to engage with your viewers. One means to do this is through making an interactive contest. Basically what you need to do is to ask people to send in a photo or a video of them that corresponds to a specific theme. The theme should focus about the brand or product that you wish to promote. You will also need to provide prizes for contest winners, so that it will surely attract people to join the contest.

One more effective viral marketing ideas that are worth considering is a referral system that provides incentives. This is still related to the idea of interacting with your audience. The cloud storage service Dropbox utilized this type of referral system wherein they provide an additional storage for their users who are able to refer the service to a friend. This may not be applicable to all types of businesses, especially if you provide physical products or services. One thing that you can do instead is to offer digital good like exclusive videos, software, or e-books as a reward for referring. You have to ensure that the incentive is convincing enough that it will really attract people to refer your business to their friends.

Making “how-to” videos is the last example of effective viral marketing ideas. The videos need to be related to the service or product that you intend to promote. The important thing here is to provide useful information to people. You can also make teaser “how-to” videos that link to your website, helping you improve traffic to your site or even increase your mailing list.