Recommended Turnkey Website Scripts

Turnkey website scripts are one of the most significant consideration when purchasing a turnkey website. Turnkey website scripts functions like an icing to the cake; the cake is incomplete without it. These scripts are important marketing tools that can make or break the success of the website. There are a variety of scripts that come with turnkey websites and some of them are more useful than others. Here are several examples of useful turnkey website scripts that you may want to search for when getting these kinds of websites.

One of the recommended turnkey website scripts that you ought to get is the unblockable exit popup script. The script makes a popup appear whenever the visitor closes the window or tab while browsing on the website, and it asks the visitor for confirmation if he or she really want to leave the page. Several people may get annoyed with it but there is really nothing to lose anyway since the person has already made up his or her mind to leave the site. This script will provide your website with one last opportunity to convince your visitors to stay in it a for little longer, which can prove to be crucial to your sales.

One more example of helpful turnkey website scripts is the feedback and rating script. This script lets site visitors post a feedback of the products that you are selling. This can help your site since people are more likely to trust a website that has a feedback section in the, since it is a good means of knowing the quality of service. In the event that you are worried about the possibility of spam and inappropriate comments, some scripts can also allow you to approve which feedbacks are shown in the website.

The last example of helpful turnkey website scripts is a product comparison script. This script enables site visitors so pick products that you sell and compare them side by side. It doesn’t only promote many products concurrently, it also helps you gain the trust of potential customers.