Effective Viral Marketing Examples

Today, there are many helpful viral marketing examples that can provide you with some ideas. If you plan on making a viral marketing campaign, it is ideal to analyze the strategy that other campaigns have used in order to become successful. Keep in mind that the internet is always a vital factor in the success of many of the viral marketing examples. Here are a few good viral marketing examples that are worth emulating.

One of the most successful viral marketing examples that became popular in the video-sharing site YouTube is the ‘Will It Blend?’ campaign. It was initiated by Blendtec, a company that produces blenders. This campaign is made up of different videos that features the Blendtec founder Tom Dickson. Tom Dickson showcases the power of Blendtec blenders in each video by trying to blend different objects, such as light bulbs, pens, marbles, cellphones, an iPod, a golf ball, and many more. Many people watched the videos in YouTube and it greatly enhanced the sales of Blendtec blenders.

One more successful viral marketing examples that were a huge hit in the internet is Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ album. In this campaign, the band revealed that anyone can download the album for free in their website. Anyone who attempts to download the album were given the option to donate any amount. After just two weeks, there were over 1.2 million album downloads and the campaign has earned $9.6 million in gross sales. It seems that each person who downloaded the album has contributed an average of $8.

YouTube may also be considered as one of the popular viral marketing examples today. Before the site became popular, there were only a small fraction of websites that stream videos in the internet. YouTube started a website that let people upload and share their own videos in the internet. In addition to that, the videos that were uploaded to the website were embeddable, so that they can be put directly in websites, blogs, or forums. These characteristics skyrocketed YouTubeÂ’s popularity, making it the top video-sharing website today.