E-Commerce 101: Online Marketing Plan

An online marketing plan influence the success of a business today. E-commerce is a fast paced and ever changing industry, it constantly develops and improves at a rapid rate, which makes writing an online marketing plan frustrating because you have to change every week. There’s a huge difference between a typical marketing plan and an online marketing plan. There are different methods employed by online marketers when it comes to talking, bringing in, relating with and selling to customers. Since in online marketing, you do not meet your customers face to face nor speak or hear their voice, it is very difficult to evaluate this industry. When it comes to online marketing a company’s reputation, slogan, website, caption must be able to stand alone and convey your message immediately.

The overview of the company’s goals and objectives must be presented when writing an online marketing plan. This part is almost identical to an executive summary in which the objectives are specified and the period of time when the goals should have been accomplished. It is important to differentiate the site’s current marketing plan, and analyze its current online standing. Was the previous online marketing plan successful in achieving the past objectives? If that’s the case, does the company need to continue putting it into action and if not, what parts did the plan fail? Figure out the pivotal strengths and weaknesses of the preceding plan and consider if the company simply needs to modify it or make a new online marketing plan all over.

Review and observe one’s website, and examine what attracts and what turns off potential customers. Always remember that your familiarity with the current trends in the e-marketing business will be very advantageous because it is best to take advantage of new programs that might be useful for your company.
It is also essential to find out the target market of the website. Who are your prospective clients? Doing a comprehensive research will be useful when instigating an online marketing plan.

Add a survey or questionnaire on your website so one can receive immediate feedbacks and suggestions, then make a specific online marketing plan on how would one can reach the target market. What are the areas in the Internet that one could take advantage, online banner ads, viral marketing or guerilla market techniques?

Behind a very successful business venture is an effective online marketing plan.