Get transported back in history with your very own sheriff badge

If you’re a budding badge collector with an eye for the past then you can certainly truly get transported back in time with your very own sheriff badge. Your head will certainly love those classic western times when people settled differences with guns and the sheriff bumped out outlaws with one swift action of the wrist and the trigger-finger.

During the past century, the west really did see some violent action that’s been immortalized in many movies and books. Most of these stories also showcased a heroic sheriff that stood his or her ground to protect the honor of the town. Each one of these sheriffs proudly wore a badge that displayed a star generally with the words Sheriff inscribed on it. These badges were made out of metal and you could now locate top quality remakes over several internet retailers.

It is easy to collect such badges and also use them to costume parties. However, if you have an increased budget and wish your hands on a genuine antique sheriff’s badge then you certainly should contact antique stores or check for special websites that carry out sales for these antiques. It may be best if you authenticate the antique badge that might have been worn by an actual sheriff previously through the help of an expert before you put any legitimate money on the table.

Besides metal badges it’s also possible to browse through delicately designed and woven sheriff embroidery badges which can be easily affixed onto your clothing like your t shirt, sweat shirt, jacket, or perhaps your hat or cap. These embroidered badges or patches supply comprehensive designs of the sheriff badge that can turn any plain piece of cloth into a colorfully extraordinary one. These badges can be purchased from online stores as iron on badges or sew patches and it will generally take a few minutes to attach a badge in your favorite clothing or cap. You simply need a little water and an iron attach the embroidery badge on normal cloth and a needle and thread if you’d like to attach the badge on nylon cloth.

In case you own a dog perhaps a german shepherd dog or some other dog breed then you can certainly also extend the sheriff theme by looking for dogtransfer that display that amazing sheriff’s star. The embroidered badge can now be ironed or sewn onto any piece of clothing for dogs such as a dog t-shirt, vest or dog cap. Your pet can command authority as he or she proudly struts through the neighborhood park. In addition, both of you can also attend a theme party or a costume party sporting your badges with great pride. If you would like to further extend that passion then you can also visit Arizona or New Mexico in order to make an expedition down to the wild old west.

If you have always been fascinated by the wild west of the past then you can definitely turn that fascination to a collection by collecting real or replica badges of sheriffs of yesteryears. You’ll definitely get transported back in time with your very own sheriff badge and you can extend your passion by dressing up your pet dog with a matching badge too.